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CyronMotor releases new AC11 Series Turn and Brake LED Inserts for Harley Davidson motorcycles

August 29, 2018 - For well over a decade, the brand Cyron has been synonymous with cutting edge technology in the power-sport and performance automotive industries in the LED Lighting category.

We are proud to announce our all new Cyron Motor AC11 series tail / signal light inserts. 

Cyron Motor AC11 series LED inserts are for turn signal lights mostly for Harley Davidson motorcycles. Unlike other lights in the market that have narrow angles of light using old technology LEDs, AC11 series use 120 degrees ultra wide viewing angle SMD LEDs. 

Offering such a wide viewing angle makes this turn signal visible from adjacent road lanes, where it counts the most. When turning or changing lanes normally vehicles and pedestrians in 30 or 45 degrees off axis are most important to be alerted. More than 3 times more effective light in such angles makes AC11 series a clear winner. 

Visibility, Safety, Style!